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Early Bird T-shirts

Some of our t-shirt designs are in, and we’re excited that these can be ordered in time for delivery by Columbia’s 50th birthday on June 21. Contribute to our film by June 7th to receive these early-bird designs.

Jim Rouse Runs a Stop Sign

Senator Jim Roby was a rookie HoCo police officer when The Rouse Company started building Columbia, and it was quite the shock when he pulled over that wood-paneled station wagon!    

Dick Anderson on Walt Disney, Epcot, and Columbia

If you study Columbia and the original plan for Epcot at Walt Disney World, there’s a striking number of similarities between the two. Dick confirms that Walt Disney and Jim Rouse not only knew each other, but shared ideas and met from time to time.     If you’ve ever lived in Columbia, you’ll recognize…

People Tree

People Tree

The People Tree in Downtown Columbia, has been the symbol of Columbia for 50 years!    

Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer

We finished our first trailer! Have a look at what our movie is about.